Limo San Diego and Party Bus Transportation

San Diego Limousine and Party Bus: killin’ it.

Just to be quite frank, these guy are making their mark for the limo enthusiasts, limo event gatherers and bringers of great opportunity. Oh and most remarkably, their limo party bus in Pacific Beach lifestyle is all the rush!

This Pacific Beach San Diego Limo and party bus service is truly bringing people all that they want when it comes to limo and party bus needs in Pacific Beach. I mean, last week outside the Staples center, you should have seen how many gorgeous girls were lined up ready to take the party bus to down town San Diego. It was awesome.

It all starts out at a few local bars and pubs in Pacific Beach, San Diego, and then before you know it the party starts getting pretty wild. Not long after, everyone is there enjoying some drinks and getting ready for the crazy night ahead. And before they know it, their party Bus in Pacific Beach, comes right to them.San_Diego_Limousine

And bam it starts the rabid night of debauchery.

On the more classy side, San Diego limo and party bus offers an extremely eloquent limo service.  San Diego limousine is reserved for all types of special events and occasions such as weddings, birthdays, wine tours – you get the point. Even crazy bachelor parties like the one here.

They even offer different packages for all sorts of limo services you might want to check out. Like flower arrangements for your wedding including bouquets, and the nine.

I would definitely check out their limo service San Diego and especially their party bus service because I’ve heard it’s a really good time and you can even snag a free bus if you’re going downtown to one of the venues like BASSment or Fluxx where they make all their money off of the drinks you order.

The nightlife in San Diego limo does get pretty wild and with these limo party bus services in Pacific beach, you can be sure that you’ll be having fun too.

Nintendo Repair Shop

Welcome to Nintendo Repair Shop!

Your one stop shop to excellence. Ok so quick change of gears.


Yes, it’s a sad fact of life but Nintendo as we know it, or as we grew up with it is slowly… well fading. Nintendo 64’s are harder to come by more now than ever. And Wii is just taking gaming to a whole new level.. Don’t get me started with PlayStation and X Box because those guys are smoking the competition.

So, seeing as we still love Nintendo, and we still love life! We are just simply going to change gears and make this website about the cunning aspects and fortitude of life.

Yes life.

Life is really the biggest video game. It is not only the best and most awesome game out there, it is happening all around us every second. Are you noticing? Life is really the biggest fantasy… If you haven’t noticed.. there are way too many patterns on how you met your friends, circumstances of life and how they got you to where you are today.

It truly is fascinating.

Think about yourself a year ago… Did you look anything the way you do today? Dress? How about the friends and people you hang out with? Probably not even the same! But even more importantly…. Do you even think the same? Do you even believe the same things you did last year?

In a nut shell…

Are you evolving? Growing into a better person and moving farther in life to where you want to be or staying the same?

Chances are….. You notice some changes but you’re not where you want to  be…. What gives!?

Well…. I’ve got news for you buddy…. Millionaires and billionaires aren’t freaking fantastic for no reason…


Not only have they worked their asses off, they are CONTINUING to work their asses off, constantly learning new things and constantly becoming better and smarter people.

Here are a few tricks to help you out.

  1. Do not get comfortable
    Many people will be like “hey man, what gives. I like being comfortable you ass hat” WRONG. That is not what I mean. I mean do not get TOO comfortable in your current situation. You might be making $5,000 a week and then POOF next week it’s gone. And you could have been working to make that 10x higher but you were comfortable and now it’s gone.
  2. Do what others don’t
    Now again, you may be like “hey man, what gives! I want to fit in.” NOPE! Don’t do it. Fit in… be liked… BY WHO?? The same people you don’t even hang out with from a year ago? You want to fit in for people who you won’t even know in a year from now? NO! Do what others don’t. Take the time to invest in yourself and your future. Take the strides to commingle the expert you want to be on that special subject you have in the back of your mind… I know you want to… You will thank yourself.. and even greater than that. God WIILL reward you!
  3. Be grateful for the large and small victories alike
    Yeah that’s right you ungrateful son of a gun. All this time you’ve been looking for the storm while the sun is setting just behind you. Take notice of the beauty of life. Be grateful for the smallest most insignificant things if you like them. It has major affects on your brain that curiously unravel the successes of your future.
  4. Be cunning, bold, and brave
    You will face many challenges and struggles in life. What ever you do, never give up. Never give in. And always remember that there is no need for a permanent solution to a temporary problem.Instead, be Bold. Be Brave. And be as cunning as wise doves. So you come across a pot hole on the road. What do you do? Do you get out of your car and throw a temper tantrum that leads to an all out meltdown? NO! You get the hell in your car and drive yourself freakin’ self around it like it was a spec of dirt on the road!So that the small example. When the S really hits the fan. Think of these simple little things that will help you get around the pot hole. Use your greatest ally. YOUR BRAIN.

So these are some really simple ways you can remember to always remain awesome. Even if other people don’t think so, it doesn’t matter because one day they will see they were wrong and everyone will be asking you why you’re so freakin awesome and that’s the day we should all live for.

I love all of you beautiful people and you can reach out in the comments and speak to me about what ever all the time, any time.

Peace brothas and sistas!